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Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits Update Has Arrived (Update 1.11)

Latest update should breath some life into Red Dead Online.

by William Schwartz


For anyone that’s stuck with Red Dead Online over the better part of the last year knows that this game mode has a ton of potential.  Like GTA Online, Red Dead Online has started off slowly, but today marks one of the biggest updates to the game mode with the introduction of Frontier Pursuits.

The update has hit Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as update 1.11 and along with the Frontier Pursuits which allow you to assume roles and complete unique challenges for each, there have been a few different quality of life and gameplay changes to Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online Patch 1.11

  • New items, weapons, clothing and horse-drawn vehicles
  • Directional damage indicators to display where your character is hit from
  • Additional horse breeds
  • The ability to change your character’s appearance without resetting progress
  • Expanded custom outfit slots
  • The ability to name saved outfits
  • Role-specific Free Roam Events
  • Increased selling prices for looted Jewelry
  • Increased movement and animations speeds for more responsive combat (including aiming, cocking and reloading), faster looting and more
  • Additional game balancing and improvements

While things like the new movement system are certainly welcome, the most exciting part of this update is the Frontier Pursuits.  These roles allow players to complete specialist roles in the world of Red Dead Online.  You can become a Trader, Collector, or a Bounty Hunter after the update (or all three) and start completing activities in the game which have unique career paths and objectives.

Bounty Hunters can track down and capture/kill targets.  The trader allows you to capitalize off of your commercial pursuits.  The collector sounds like a treasure hunter who will be tracking down the rarest of items in the game.

Update 1.11 with the new Frontier Pursuit roles is available now, but make sure you have some space.  Ours clocked in at 13 GB on the Xbox One.

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