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Red Dead Online Specialist Update Arriving September 10th

New roles will allow players to rank up and earn items for each of the three.

by William Schwartz


Rockstar has confirmed that the Specialist update will arrive to Red Dead Online on September 10th.  After announcing that they would be making this significant update to the game which will bring the new pursuits system to the game about a month ago, we finally have a specific date of when to expect the new content.

It’s a long time coming for Red Dead Online to get a little more structure.  The game mode has been out the better part of a year, and it’s largely remained a work in progress.  The September 10th update heading to Red Dead Online will allow players to take on Frontier Pursuits and assume roles.  Each of these roles have different activities that can be played which will reward players with unique items and skills.  It’s likely that more roles will be added in the future, but the starting roles will be Bounty Hunter, Trader, and Collector.

With these roles players will be able to unlock ranks and earn points which can be spent of different items to further the class.  Each of these roles will need to be purchased by the player with gold or earned by completing activities.  The Bounty Hunter will require a Bounty Hunter’s License which will cost 15 gold.  The Trader will need to invest 15 gold to purchase a Butcher’s table.  The Collector can either earn the Collector’s Bag by collecting all the hidden playing cards in the game or by purchasing it outright for 15 gold.

The addition of roles should definitely give Red Dead Redemption 2 owners a reason to come back and check out Red Dead Online, and those that have been playing the mode something to actually do other than PvP.

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