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New Red Dead Redemption likely, Take Two confirms as “permanent franchise”


The 2010 release of Red Dead Redemption was a huge hit for Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive, and a sequel is likely in the works. Speaking at a recent investor conference, the CEO of Take Two Interactive, parent company of Rockstar Games, revealed that Red Dead Redemption is a “permanent franchise” for the game publisher.

So when can we expect Red Dead Redemption 2? Unfortunately, the comments came in response to a question which asked why the company takes a more “selective approach” in releasing their big games.

“Consumers want better, not more,” says Zelnick. “So our selective approach, which we’ve taken since ’07 I think has paid off. Now, we have gotten more by taking that approach; we’ve launched one new successful franchise every year and I would like to keep doing that particularly because I talk about permanent franchises, but not everything is going to be a permanent franchise. Some of our great franchises eventually will lose their luster and some will hopefully be permanent.”

It could be a while before we hear anything about a new Red Dead Redemption game though. Given Rockstar’s recent release of GTA V, and the rumored PC/Next Gen port of the game, it could be years away. Then again, maybe we see a surprise tease with E3 just around the corner, but we’re not holding our breath.

This is, however, the second time that Zelnick has mentioned a new Red Dead Redemption game when talking about his company’s future earnings potential.

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