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[Update] Redout Developer Calls Digital Foundry’s Analysis of Game “Incompetent”

by William Schwartz


Digital Foundry recently did an analysis of the Xbox One X version of Redout.  The video described the developer’s work as “low effort” for the Xbox One X version of the game, but the developer of the game doesn’t seem to agree.

The developer, 34BigThings has fired back at Digital Foundry calling their analysis incompetent at best and fake news at worst.

During the video, Digital Foundry continually mentions that Redout on the Xbox One X renders at 1080p.  The developers have called this a “pure, straight lie,” saying that the Xbox One X Enhancement that the game got a couple of weeks ago brings 4K Resolution with dynamic scaling.  Specifically, the developers say that they’ve scaled the resolution between 90% and 50% of native 4K.

Due to the backlash that they’ve received since the video, the developers say that they are “currently looking into legal action to defend our public image.”

You can check out the analysis video from Digital Foundry below, they’ve yet to comment on the statement from the developers.

Update:  The video that was below was taken down by Digital Foundry, an apology was issued, and a commitment to re-test the game was made.  Here’s what Digital Foundry said via Twiter:

“Apologies to @34bigthings for missing Redout’s dynamic scaler on Xbox One X – it scales from 1080p to 1944p, and doesn’t lock to 1080p.  Our article has been updated and we’ll be re-testing the title on Monday.”

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