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Remedy Acquires Publishing Rights To Alan Wake Series

Will we finally see a sequel?

by Dean James


Best known in their earlier days for Max Payne, Remedy Entertainment partnered up with Microsoft to release Alan Wake back in 2010, a partnership that continued with Quantum Break years later as well. Remedy have returned to their multi-platform roots with the upcoming Control and now it has been revealed that they have now acquired the publishing rights for the Alan Wake series.

Remedy Entertainment announced this morning announced to its investors that they recorded approximately 2.5 million euros in royalties from previously released games as one time income for the first half of 2019 that will be paid in the second half. In that same announcement, they also revealed that the publishing rights for the Alan Wake series had reverted to Remedy themselves.

There has been talk for awhile that the only reason we had not gotten a new Alan Wake game was due to Microsoft, so hopefully the fact that Remedy now owns the publishing rights for the series means we may get a new entry in the future.

Also of note, Remedy told GameSpot that they could potentially bring Alan Wake to other platforms, but had nothing to announce at this time. It would make sense for the original game and its spin-off to potentially get new life through ports on additional platforms now that they have the rights to do so.

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