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Remedy Says Max Payne 3 Would Have Been Very Different If They Made It

by Mike Guarino


Rockstar Games took over development of the Max Payne series from Remedy Entertainment when they made Max Payne 3, and the game was much different compared to the first two. While the game was well-received by critics, many fans were unhappy with the changes and would have preferred if Remedy made it.

Now Remedy Entertainment’s Sam Lake has sounded off on the development of Max Payne 3, revealing that they were there to provide feedback to Rockstar Games during the game’s production. He was actually very pleased with what Rockstar came up with and revealed he was afraid that they would just try and recreate what Remedy had done before.

He reveals that Max Payne 3 would have been a very different game if it was developed by Remedy Entertainment, though he feels that the change in direction that Rockstar provided was good for the series. “They should do their own thing, and we should do our own thing,” said Lake. “And if we tried to mimic each other, to me that feels like a wrong approach.

Despite the popularity that the Max Payne series has enjoyed through the years there has been no news regarding a potential fourth game in the series. Max Payne 3 launched for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on May 18, 2012 before releasing on the PC on June 1, 2012.

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