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Resident Evil 6 Griefing Incoming with Agent Hunt Mode

by William Schwartz


Resident Evil 6 will feature a brand new mode to the franchise with the introduction of ‘Agent Hunt Mode’. As is better explained in the trailer below, you’ll be able to take control of a variety of the game’s zombies or other mutations in an attempt to thwart the campaign progress of the Resident Evil 6 agents.

The gameplay is broken down into a basic two-on-two format. Two players can play cooperatively as agents trying to work their way through the campaign, while two others will play as the Hunters, trying to impede their progress.

The mode will be drop-in drop-out, meaning that in the event that someone joins your game and leaves, the enemy AI will take over and the game will continue as normal. This new game mode is locked at launch, but will be available to those that complete campaigns for either Chris, Jake, or Leon.

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