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Resident Evil 7 Digital Deluxe Edition Price Increased As Content Is Added

by Mike Guarino


While we knew previously that Resident Evil 7 would be getting a digital deluxe edition that would include the main game plus the season pass with two additional episodes, it has now been revealed that this is being expanded upon. There will now be an additional episode added to the package, though this also means that the price of it has increased.

Here’s the official word from Capcom:

“We also have some exciting news to share about the digital deluxe version of the game for North America. Previously offering the game and a season pass for two additional story episodes for $79.99 in North America, we’ll be upgrading the digital deluxe version with an additional playable story episode starting tomorrow. This will also shift the price to $89.99 to account for the additional content. However, if you’ve already pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition on the North American PlayStation Store, your pre-order will automatically be upgraded at no additional charge.”

“Plus, all pre-order customers of either the standard or deluxe versions will get a number of bonuses, including the Survival Pack: Recovery Set, consisting of consumable healing items to help you withstand the mansion’s horrors. Don’t worry; these consumables are available again each time you start a new game. Also included are a mysterious in-game Lucky Coin, and access to the incredibly difficult Madhouse mode (normally unlocked after completing the game once). As if that wasn’t enough, all pre-orders on the NA PlayStation Store will also instantly receive a dynamic PS4 theme. Be sure to head over and pre-order today!”

We have no information on what this story content will actually consist of, but more information will likely come closer to the game’s launch.

- This article was updated on:September 15th, 2016

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