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Resident Evil 7 Returns to Its True Survival-Horror Roots

by Joanne Choi


It seems 2017 will be the peak in video games with various titles celebrating their anniversaries.  One of them being Capcom‘s Resident Evil will also be commemorating its 20th anniversary.  First released in 1996, the game delved into the core of the survival horror genre which has been fleshed out in many forms in gaming today.  From solving puzzles, to cracking codes, finding a hidden key inside a dingy basement, running around a maze-like mansion with endless corridors.  It surely does tug at the heart at the end of the day; playing with human emotions.  There is just something intriguing about fear that penetrates the body, leaving one vulnerable, which something the earlier installments of the series did well.

Producer Masachika Kawata ensures fans that Resident Evil 7 will take on a more traditional survival-horror path. Apart from its predecessors (Resident Evil 4, 5, 6) which were more action driven, Kawata states in an interview how the game will be branching off to its original course.  When a teaser trailer was shown at E3, fans either loved it for its scare tactics while others were a bit shocked by the sudden changes.  Kawata views the new installment as something fresh and different, especially when it comes to first-person perspective, things shift as the player is in control, as if he is actually present at the scene.  It portrays a deeper sense of awareness to both surrounding and sound.  Also, with the incorporation of  virtual reality, players will really be able to get a kick out of it.

Though viewers will have to see how the actual story unfolds, gameplay wise, however, chances of disappoint are slim to none.  What are your thoughts?

The demo for Resident Evil 7 is available now.  The full version is set to be released next month on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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