Resident Evil Revelations 2 Sees Local Co-op on PC Thanks to a New Mod

by AOTF Staff

Remember yesterday (yes, all that time ago) when we reported that Resident Evil Revelations 2 on PC was missing local co-op and Capcom even publicly apologized for the mistake? Modder FluffyQuack was outraged just like everyone else, but waiting for Capcom’s “potential solutions” wasn’t an option for this individual.

This modder decided to take action where the developer had failed. The result is functional split-screen cooperative play throughout Revelations 2’s campaign. Fluffy Manager 5000, as it’s called, brings this feature into the game, but not without some issues. First off, local co-op has currently only been added to the campaign and can not be utilized in Raid mode. Furthermore, the two players must each use a gamepad, as mouse and keyboard seems to control both characters simultaneously. These issues are being worked on and it wouldn’t be too surprising to see this mod refined before Capcom implements their own solution, if any.

If you purchased the game on PC based on the inclusion of this option and have yet to request a refund, grab the mod here. You can also check out this YouTube video that shows the local split-screen gameplay in action. Regardless of if any readers actually download the mod, let’s take a moment to appreciate the responsiveness of the modding community when it comes to these issues. It’s easily one of the standout aspects of PC gaming.