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Resident Evil Revelations for Nintendo Switch Will Be Digital Only in Europe

by Jose Belmonte


Capcom has confirmed today that the upcoming Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 ports to Nintendo Switch will only have a digital release in all European markets, denying any possibility for a physical edition. The company has alluded to their market studies, that concluded that a physical release would not return enough revenue to make it profitable, hence pushing them to make the choice of limiting the release exclusively to the console’s eShop.

The information was confirmed to Gamespot in a statement that reads: “Capcom has to take various factors into account when deciding what format to deliver our titles to our fans. These can include but are not limited to overall production costs, manufacturing times, distribution, and first party regulations. In the case of Resident Evil Revelations, we’ve found that unfortunately it’s not viable for Capcom Europe to create a physical version of the title on Nintendo Switch for our territories, however we will be making this available as a digital release.”

The news are undoubtedly disappointing for the fans, who are not only denied from the value of a physical release but also are forced to download two games that occupy 12Gb and 23,6Gb in their memory cards. While this decision only applies to European countries, it is worth mentioning that even the physical edition coming to North America and other markets is also partly digital, as it only includes the first Resident Evil Revelations on the cartridge. The box includes a download code for the sequel, which is also the one that takes more space in the memory.

Perhaps this decision has been influenced by the recent string of disappointing multiplatform third party releases for Nintendo Switch, such as Doom, and Skyrim, and the decision of EA of not developing more titles for the console for the time being. It’s certainly surprising, seeing as Resident Evil is usually a franchise that attracts a decent number of sales. Nonetheless, the original Resident Evil Revelations was a Nintendo 3DS exclusive for some time.

Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 launches for Nintendo Switch on November 28 in North America and Europe. Check out the latest trailer below.

Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 – Nintendo Switch Features Trailer

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