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Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 for Switch Include Retro Minigames

by Jose Belmonte


When Capcom’s Resident Evil Reveleations 1 and 2 make their arrival to Nintendo Switch this November they will not be coming alone. This latest in a long list of ports is adding brand new minigames in both entries, inspired by the arcade games from the 80s. The first one is a shooter called “Ghost Ship Panic”, and as it can be deduced by its name, it comes included with the first Revelations. The second one is “Ghouls ‘n Homunculi” and is obviously inspired on the classic Ghouls ‘n Goblins, and comes with Revelations 2.

In Ghost Ship Panic, players have to shoot zombies and other creatures that come walking down the screen, and they can earn BP to use on the assault mode by improving their score. In Ghouls ‘n Homunculi players take control of Barry Burton as the brave knight who faces the hordes of zombies and other creatures. In the best ‘Ghouls’ tradition, the former S.T.A.R.S. member lose most of his clothes when he is hit by an enemy, a funny and nostalgic view for all players who remember the original game. Both minigames are referred by Capcom as exclusive features to the Nintendo Switch ports.

Resident Evil Revelations tells a new adventure of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine aboard the Queen Zenobia, and you can read our review of the recent PS4 and Xbox One port. Resident Evil Revelations 2, on the other hand, stars Claire Redfield and Burry Burton. The Nintendo Switch versions of the games will also feature exclusive motion controls.

Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 will launch on November 28 in North America and Europe. Watch the trailers for the new minigames below.

Resident Evil Revelations: Ghost Ship Panic

Resident Evil Revelations 2: Ghouls ‘n Homunculi

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