Respawn Split Into Two Teams, Developing Non-Titanfall Game

by AOTF Staff
Titanfall 2

Respawn Entertainment, known for their Xbox/PC title Titanfall has gone on record and said that they now have two teams and are developing two separate projects. One not related to Titanfall at all.

The interview comes via GameInformer in which Respawn CEO, Vince Zampella goes on to speak about the company and what it has been like launching the game and finishing up the season pass for Titanfall. In June, Stig Asmussen, former God Of War III director, joined Respawn Entertainment, it seems he is working on his own project at Respawn now that is not Titanfall related.

When asked by GameInformer about their next game and in regards to Stig’s hiring Vince replied simply: “There is a second team. Non-Titanfall related.” When pushed if it is apart of the deal with EA or if they are looking for a publisher as they would own the rights Vince went to say the expected response of: “We haven’t announced anything yet.”

It looks like fans will have some things to look forward to with two games in development over at Respawn, one is almost assuredly Titanfall 2, the other is a bit more conspicuous. Hopefully we will hear more at E3 2015.