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Respawn’s Star Wars Game Appears To Have Lightsaber Duels With Force Powers

by Dean James


Just as Disney is expanding the Star Wars franchise with the movieverse, EA is looking to do just the same with the games and we learned a little more about their future plans during the EA Play conference.

EA has a number of different Star Wars games coming from different developers, including the game from Respawn Entertainment that was only announced fairly recently.

We really don’t get to see anything from the game itself footage wise, but what is interesting is the little look that we get from the Respawn studio.

When they are narrating about their game, we see two guys in full body mocap suits in the middle of a lightsaber duel. This would seem to show that lightsabers will play some role in the game. They are further instructed by someone on what looks like a force push, so it appears force powers will be involved too.

With the variety of different games out there and Respawn’s blaster based combat in Titanfall, some had thought maybe we’d get another look at the Star Wars universe. However, it seems that lightsaber duels will play some part in the game, so hopefully we’ll actually get to experience these ourselves.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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