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Retailers Are Low On Stock For Bayonetta 2

by Damian Seeto


It appears retailers underestimated the demand for Bayonetta 2 as a number of them are low on stock for the game right now.

According to a report from Wii’s World, many gamers have expressed their frustration on social media about the lack of availability of Bayonetta 2 in retail stores.

Several gamers were annoyed that Bayonetta 2 was either low in stock at retailers, or their pre-orders were not fulfilled. There were even some stores that were not aware that the game had even come out.

It’s highly possible retail stores didn’t see the potential in Bayonetta 2 since it’s a Wii U exclusive. There’s nothing wrong with the Wii U console itself, but there aren’t many owners for the console at the moment. The game didn’t do great numbers over in Japan so it’s likely stores thought demand for the game would be low.

Bayonetta 2 may not have had much hype as other games released in 2014, but the game has quickly become a critical darling. Our review of the game written by Dean James gave the game a perfect 5/5 score. We’re not the only ones that loved the game as it currently as a score of 91 over on Metacritic.

If you are having a hard time finding Bayonetta 2, you can always download the game via the eShop if you want it as quickly as possible.

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