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Rewind Feature Coming to Nintendo Switch Online’s NES Games

Playing these older games will be a little easier.

by Dylan Siegler


Over the past several months, the Nintendo Switch Online service has been amassing a library of NES games for its subscribers. Now, a new feature is set to become available to these games soon for those who might have some trouble getting used to the difficulty levels of these older games.

Nintendo recently announced that a Rewind feature will be coming to the NSO’s NES games on July 17. To activate this feature, players will just have to press the ZL and ZR buttons at the same time while playing a game. This will cause the game to pause and the player will be able to rewind the game, allowing them to avoid any mistakes they may have recently made. This feature will surely come in handy for those playing Super Mario Bros. for the first time and don’t necessarily want to restart the entire game because of a piranha plant they didn’t happen to see immediately.

The service’s NES games already have a Save State feature, which allows players to save the game at any point they want to and pick up from there later, or return to it if they make too many mistakes after creating the save state. However, the Rewind feature is different in that it will let you rewind to whatever point you want to rewind to, rather than having to choose from one of your Save States, of which you are given a limited number of.

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