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RIOT Hopes to Tear Down The Walls of the Ruling Class

by William Schwartz

It’s not often that you get to see such a hyper realistic title based on societies’ ills. World events are usually filtered through some prism of fiction before being turned into a game for users. RIOT is an Indiegogo proposal that will co-opt real world events as the background for their proposed riot simulation title.

The gorgeously rendered pixel art title takes a look at how both rioters and police confront one and another, and why these types of violent escalations occur. The rioters (in red) and the police (in blue) will be battling in the streets over things like austerity measures, economic disparity, and the overreach of the ruling class. Set in places like Egypt, Greece, and Italy RIOT doesn’t contain any powerups, stealth upgrades or magic missiles. It’s a case study in how society could very, very easily break down in our contemporary world. ‘Smash the state’ has never been a more apropos turn of phrase than in RIOT.

Currently they are seeking $15,000 to complete their proposed iOS, Android, PC, and Mac title. Head to their Indiegogo page and donate if you like what you see. We are kind of into the nod to Banksy with that first pixel image in the trailer. Also, you should probably learn how to put together a decent molotov cocktail. It’s not the worst skill to have.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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