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Riot Shields Are Making Players Invincible in Warzone

The invincibility glitch returns once again.

by Adam Braunstein


Call of Duty: Warzone has had hackers ruining the fun ever since its launch date, but lately we’ve been sacked with perhaps the worst hack of them all. Riot Shields have been reportedly causing invincibility and now players have figured out a way to take control of the awful glitch.

We’ve seen some straight-up bizarre occurrences in Warzone from loadouts becoming impenetrable forcefields to guns straight up glitching out and sending you straight into the Matrix. When it comes to hackers though, they completely ruin the game and even though this seems to be a case where these are just players taking advantage of an in-game bug, it’s ruining the experience nonetheless.


What makes all this worse is that the recent Season 5 Reloaded Update seems to be the culprit behind it all. After using the Riot Shield and then getting hit by a Combat Bow, you end up achieving invincibility. This will last until the match is over, so you become unbeatable.

The other way you can cause the invincibility glitch is by shooting an opponent with a Rytec AMR. That means you’re going to see players running around with Riot Shields just praying someone attacks them with one of these two guns. to avoid making your opponents invincible, just avoid the Rytec AMR and Combat Bow if you see a player equipped with a Riot Shield.


Several streamers have been showing off the glitch in action and plenty have been incredibly disappointed to see such a powerful glitch running rampant through their games. With hackers causing the majority of the game-breaking issues in recent memory, it’s a bit surprising to see the game become a victim of its own update. While players will always be looking for a leg up on the competition, this isn’t the way. The worst glitches that showed up from in-game issues have never really broken the game like this, so we’re seeing a bit of an unprecedented ordeal in Warzone here.

An update released today should fix the issue at hand, but it remains to be seen if it will be solved permanently. The majority of the patch notes just mention bug fixes and gun nerfs, so it doesn’t look like they’ve gotten this invincibility glitch under control just yet.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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