Roblox Reaches 3 Billion Created Accounts

Roblox did something that many wish to accomplish.

by Carlos Hurtado


Roblox just achieved one of the biggest accomplishments in the gaming industry. The Roblox platform has gathered more than a billion accounts since its launch, and the future looks brighter for the company.

Roblox is a gaming platform that lets players make their games with Roblox Studio. The free tool is available to any Roblox player; this enables players to build their games or experiences. Roblox launched in 2001, almost 20 years ago. In 2001, many players would have thought it was going to disappear in a year or two, but Roblox managed to gather an audience. Roblox hosts thousands of player-created games of different genres and settings. On the platform, you can find FPS, Horror, Sports, Party, and Multiplayer games.

Thousands of players visit the Roblox website every day looking for their favorite games like Grand Piece Online, Amongst Us, Ninja Legends, and now Squid Game. Roblox not only hosts thousands of games but it allows creators to have their in-game stores, cosmetic items, and redeemable codes. Letting players support their favorite game creators while getting the cosmetic items they want.

Yesterday, the Bloxy News Twitter page shared some great news about the gaming storefront. At the time of the post, Roblox had 3 Billion accounts created. This is something surprising, to say the least. According to some articles from sites like Variety and Pcgamesn. Steam had 1 Billion registered players and 120 million active players on their platform in 2019. Reaching 3 Billion created accounts is a huge milestone that many developers and gaming stores like Epic games and Steam might be far from accomplishing.

Last month Roblox also accomplished something rare, but this time was on Twitch. Spanish content creators managed to pull more than 300k users and helped Roblox get to the number one spot reaching almost 1 million viewers at a time on the streaming platform. This kind of attention would likely be the help Roblox needed to get to 3 Billion registered users.

Roblox has proven to be a real opponent to similar platforms like Steam and Epic games. Although they don’t do the same, the fact that these games can gather so many players and accounts is something that could be studied.

Free-to-play games like Grand Piece Online, Ninja Legends, Amongst Us, and Squid Game manage to gather thousands of players every day. The online platform catered to children is something to admire. Every day more games are being created and launched on the website, so it is likely the player numbers keep increasing securing a spot among the best gaming platforms of recent years.

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