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Rocket League Getting More Dying Light Items This Month

by Mike Guarino


The crossovers of the Dying Light and Rocket League series will continue, as it has now been revealed that later this month the popular Psyonix game will be getting new Dying Light-themed in-game accessories.

The items will be coming in the June update, which will get them the Gas Tank and Dying Light antenna for free across all platforms. You can check out images of both above and below.

Rocket League recently received update patch 1.17, which brought the following changes:

  • Added “NBA Flag Pack” DLC, including…
    • (DLC) 30 NBA team flags
  • Added NBA Logo flag
  • Players can now auto-save replays mid-game
  • Players can now name/rename Replays
  • “Hoops” playlist is now available in Casual playlists, Private Matches and Exhibition.
  • New “Cosmic” Arena has been added to the “Rocket Labs” playlist
  • Multiple Bug Fixes

The game will also be getting a brand new map that will be shaking up the game’s formula in terms of how it plays, with the map being called Pillars. “These pillars separate the arena into three lanes, with the goals on each side lining up the center lane. Banking shots off the tall columns in the middle of the arena makes for some incredible moments and driving up the walls and flying down on the competition feels just right.”

Rocket League is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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