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Rocket League Is Going Underwater With The AquaDome

by Mike Guarino


While Rocket League recently got the free update that added in the hectic Rumble Mode to the game for free, the developer has now announced more content that is on the way with a free arena and paid cars. However, the arena is particularly notable, because it takes the action underwater.

The underwater map is called the AquaDome and is set at the bottom of the ocean in a transparent dome, with all kinds of undersea life being visible as the game progresses. Of course, there will be no water in the dome itself that would change the actual gameplay, just so nobody gets confused.

Along with this new arena is the announcement of two new paid cards, which are called Proteus and Triton. They will cost $2 each and will launch along with the AquaDome arena next month.

This new Rocket League content will be launching in October, though an exact release date was not given by Psyonix. You can check out the arena and cars via the announcement trailer below.

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