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Rockstar continues to ask fans for patience on GTA V details

by William Schwartz


No news is apparently good news for GTA V and Rockstar Games. The developers haven’t had much to share about the game since it’s cover story on Game Informer magazine, but fans are growing restless. The Rockstar Newswire has been a haven for these Grand Theft Auto faithful and their pleas with Rockstar to release some new information.

Shortly following the game’s delay in January, the developer explained that it would be hard at work readying the game for its new release date. And they’ve once again taken to the Rockstar Newswire to give fans an update on the game’s progress.

“We’re bunkered down working hard on GTA V and we simply haven’t had any fresh information to share with you. If you look back to previous games then you’ll see there’s nothing unusual about that, and you can rest assured that we will have a lot more to share prior to the game’s September 17th release date.”

Until we do get more information from Rockstar, you’ll have to deal with gems like our recent expose “Did Kate Upton inspire the GTA V artists?”.

- This article was updated on:March 22nd, 2013

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