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Rockstar will not be showing GTA V at E3

by William Schwartz


GTA V will not be at E3 2013.  Take Two Interactive has confirmed that the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise will utilize other marketing methods to better get their message across to consumers throughout the remainder of the spring and summer.  Rockstar rarely, if ever, has a presence at E3 anyway, so this doesn’t come as a huge surprise.

Though those hoping to get some hands-on time with the open-world title bound for a September release are obviously disappointed.  Take Two also recently confirmed that 2K games will not have their traditional booth at the show either.  A recent statement made to investors lays out the company’s alternative to a big showing at E3.

“Both Rockstar Games and 2K have instead decided to focus their marketing and PR efforts on a series of events throughout the spring and summer.  Our team, however, will be present at the show, and we look forward to seeing many of you there.”

A recent rash of eyes-on previews hit the web for GTA V, and Rockstar just released a trio of gameplay videos for the highly anticipated title.  And while it would have made some sense for Rockstar to have their new wares available for testing at E3 2013, it looks like they’ve decided against it.  Does that mean Rockstar won’t capitalize on all the E3 hype by releasing information during the show?  No.  We’ll likely get new GTA V details alongside the influx of game news during the convention.

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