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Rocksteady Confident in Warner Bros Team for Batman: Arkham Origins

by William Schwartz


Rocksteady, the developers behind Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City single-handedly returned faith to game players that comic books and video games are a match made in heaven. After many years of poorly made cash-ins for a number of different franchises, the developers finally delivered one of the best.

While Batman: Arkham Origins will not see Rocksteady at the helm, Sefton Hill and the team give Warner Bros. Montreal their full faith in making the prequel. “Rocksteady is excited to see WB Games Montreal developing the prequel to the Batman Arkham franchise,” said Hill in an interview with Game Informer magazine. “We are confident that this talented team will craft a fantastic experience, bringing the origins of the Arkhamverse to life.”

Hill didn’t give to many details about what to expect from the game, and whether or not any of the hard work that Rocksteady put into the game will be re-used for this Batman game.

Warner Bros. Montreal has announced that this will be a fresh Batman experience. Eric Holmes, the creative director on Arkham Origins told the publication that the new timeframe gives them “opportunity to refresh things a bit. Refresh characters, refresh ideas, refresh the dynamic between Batman and other characters, and refresh the world, too.”

In today’s earlier announcement, Batman: Arkham Origins was revealed to be arriving this October 25th on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Wii U. A handheld “sequel” to the game will launch side-by-side with the console version for the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita.

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