Rogue Company Weapon Mastery System Teased in Developer Update

This is going to change everything

by Elliott Gatica

In the latest Rogue Company Developer stream titled the Runway Update Notes Show, Lead Designer Scott Lussier and Hi-Rez eSports commentator David Olson went over some rather interesting updates coming later to Rogue Company.

It’s been a while since many significant changes came to the game other than the addition of the newest season, a new map, balance changes, and the weapon economy. There have been talks about a universal weapon selection feature coming to the game, but was finally set in stone as an upcoming update.

Rogue Company Weapon Mastery System

In this Update Notes Show, the Weapon Mastery system was detailed. It’s “a system about achievement,” said Lussier, further adding that it’ll be “something meaningful to grind for.”

There will be these unlockable ‘milestones’ which are basically challenges for each gun to further progress mastery. Some challenges will be things like “Down (x number) of enemies” or “(deal x amount) headshot damage.” The terms are interchangeable, but for the game’s terminology, they’re milestones.

As these unlock more mastery, players will be rewarded skins and other nifty cosmetics to show off their feats for each individual weapon. Each weapon has a total of 5 tiers, with the final fifth tier unlocking the ability to use that specific weapon for any character who has a weapon of the same class.

Rogue Company Mastery System Rewards

For example, if you master the D3D-i DMR with Talon, that gun will be available to Rogues who use DMRs like Dallas, Dahlia, Trench, The Fixer, Dima, Saint, and Seeker. Sadly, there won’t be a universal use for all weapon classes for all characters, though it’s understandable. The last thing players would want to deal with is seeing a Lancer running around with an LMG and being able to instantly reload it.

There will also be reactive wraps for weapons. They’re legendary tier cosmetics that not only have some kind of animated effect, but also have different graphical effects when shooting them. Players will also gain titles for each mastered weapon including pistols and melee weapons.

Another restriction to the global weapon system is that melee weapons and pistols cannot be swapped between Rogues as well. It’s clear that the Executioner and Spitfire pistols would be the only sought out weapons if that were the case. Lastly, the ‘buy 1, get 1’ system will still work in the upcoming global weapon mastery update. You’ll be able to buy one primary weapon and swap to the other at no extra cost, even with the mastered weapons on reserve.

To learn more about the Weapon Mastery mechanic coming to Rogue Company, click here. Rogue Company is available for free on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and Epic Games. There is a planned mobile release at some point but with no exact date yet.

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