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Rumor: Battlefield 5 Leaked by Retailer, Set in World War 1

by Kyle Hanson


A Swiss retailer called World of Games has apparently leaked the upcoming announcement of Battlefield 5. Normally these would be chalked up to just being placeholders, with retailers throwing up a listing for a game that they know will come at some point. However, the product page, via NeoGaf, has some details that not only bolster its authenticity, but also point to a very different experience for gamers.

According to the listing, Battlefield 5 will be set in World War 1, taking the series away from its usual modern combat scenario and well into the past. Battlefield has used historical wars before, with the series beginning as a World War 2 shooter, before moving forward in time. The shift to WW1 is a bit different though, as that conflict has typically not been used by video games much at all.

It also lists a release date of October 25th, which is a fairly believable date for Battlefield 5. It’s around the usual time window for the games, and gives DICE enough time to get an announcement out, possibly at E3 2016, with a couple months of padding before the game hits. Battlefield Hardline was originally slated for a Fall 2014 release, before being bumped into early 2015 due to a delay.

With only one source for this info it should really be taken with a grain of salt. If it wasn’t for the WW1 info it would probably be dismissed, but that really adds a new factor to this rumor. Could Battlefield 5 take gamers way back to that massive conflict? With many calling for a new WW2 shooter, does it make sense to go even further back in time? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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