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Rumor: Could Street Fighter’s Ryu Be Coming To Super Smash Bros. As DLC?

by Dean James


Yesterday saw the release of the highly anticipated first DLC character ever for Super Smash Bros. with Mewtwo, at least for those that had codes through Club Nintendo. To coincide with his release, we also got an update for both the 3DS and Wii U versions, as we told you about yesterday, which included the addition of the DLC shop, a few new 8-player stages for Wii U, and balancing. As we typically see with many games, someone hacked into the data and supposedly found some very interesting findings that could be hinting at future DLC.

A prominent name in the datamining community from, shinyquagsire23 posted to Reddit the details he found when looking into the update on the 3DS version exclusively. While there is no data itself showing other characters, a few sound files were found that were listed as the following:

  • snd_bgm_F27_AIR_MoriStage_3DS.nus3bank
  • snd_bgm_H12_BW_Sentou_Zekrom_Reshiram_3DS.nus3bank
  • snd_bgm_SF01_SF2_Ryu_3DS.nus3bank
  • snd_bgm_T09_SDX_PupupuLand_3DS.nus3bank
  • snd_bgm_V01_PAC_PacMan_3DS.nus3bank
  • snd_bgm_Z80_F_Mewtwo_3DS.nus3bank
  • snd_bgm_Z81_F_Ryu_3DS.nus3bank
  • snd_bgm_Z82_F_Lucas_3DS.nus3bank
  • snd_bgm_Z83_F_Roy_3DS.nus3bank

The standouts here are obviously Roy and Ryu, the latter of which is listed twice. Roy of course would be that of Fire Emblem’s Roy that was already in Melee before. Speculation was that Ryu could be Street Fighter Ryu or Ninja Gaiden Ryu, but the other sound file of SF2 seems to hint at the former. The hacker even released the sound files online, with some of them being identified. The Mewtwo, Ryu, Lucas, and Roy “F” files all appear to be victory music while the “SF2” one is appears to be Ryu’s stage theme from the games, along with what is a theme from Kirby’s Air Ride.

Polygon reached out to shinyquagsire23 and he made sure to say the files are legitimate, but it still is hard to trust anything from anybody after the Rayman fake. He does make sure to say that since there isn’t other information about them in the path, these could very well be scrap files and mean absolutely nothing in the long run. Hopefully someone else with some knowledge will look into the game as well to get confirmation, though that still doesn’t mean we would be getting any of that content in the actual game.

- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2018

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