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Rumor: Destiny: Rise of Iron is a PS4 and Xbox One Exclusive; Releasing Sept. 20th

by Kyle Hanson


Bungie might have just accidentally dropped the details on Destiny’s next big expansion, Rise of Iron. While a full reveal is set for tomorrow, the Destiny website supposedly updated a bit early, leaking info about the expansion. According to the supposed leak (via Planet Destiny), Destiny: Rise of Iron will be a PS4 and Xbox One exclusive, skipping the PS3 and Xbox 360.

This makes a whole lot of sense, though it will be a big disappointment to those gamers who bought the game on last gen hardware. Bungie’s support of the older consoles was admirable, but it was clearly holding the game back in some ways, and with more updates hitting all the time, it must have become unwieldy to keep everything working on such antiquated hardware.

On top of this, the leak also gave a firm release date for Destiny: Rise of Iron, with the game arriving on September 20th. This will be just over two years since the original game launched, so it’s a pretty believable release date for what seems to be the future of the series.

Destiny: Rise of Iron looks to be the next big expansion for the game, offering what could be the same amount of content and changes as The Taken King. There has been very little information available about the DLC though, so that has led to a lot of speculation and rumor. This leak offers the best new info we’ve seen in a while though, so tomorrow’s event should be interesting.

This should all be taken as rumor for now though, as the site has since reverted what was captured by some fans. These could be doctored images, or the update could have had false info on it somehow. We’ll just have to wait and see if tomorrow’s reveal event confirms this or not.

- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2018

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