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Rumor: Dragon Ball Super Episode Titles 59/60/61 (Potential Spoilers)

by Damian Seeto


The titles for Dragon Ball Super episodes 59, 60 and 61 have now been revealed. Potential spoilers follow if these end up being true.

Gojiitaaf (who has been super reliable in the past) has found out the potential Dragon Ball Super episodes that will be airing in the next couple of weeks. These episode titles look more legit than the fake ones that were going around a week ago.

Episode 59 is called “Protect the Kaioshin Gowasu/Destroy Zamasu“. This episode is scheduled to air on September 25th, 2016. Remember, there is another one week break on September 18th.

Episode 60 is named “To the Future Once again/Goku Black’s identity revealed“. Toei Animation loves to tease the identity of Black Goku. Hopefully this time though, his true identity is revealed for real. The episode is currently set to air on October 2nd.

Lastly, there is episode 61 and this is called “Zamasu’s Amibition/The Human Elimination Plan is ‘Divulged‘”. The episode will be airing on October 9th.

We will let you know if these are true or not. If they are true, they are usually confirmed with plot summaries too. Maybe more information will be revealed to us in the coming weeks. Check back with us this Sunday for our review of episode 58 of Dragon Ball Super.

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