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Rumor: Fable Legends Still an Option for Microsoft

by William Schwartz


According to a new rumor that has surfaced, former developers over at Lionhead Studios have revealed that discussions are still under going at Microsoft to possibly revive Fable Legends. Lionhead Studios was shut down back in March, along with all of their other titles in development.

The alleged rumor popped up over at MCV, where sources say that, “Discussions are on-going about saving the free-to-play RPG”. Further in the article, MCV, claims that the staff is being evaluated by several Microsoft studios to possibly continue the game instead of a redundancy package that was offered. There are also rumors that some of the developers might take the game as a independent studio.

All of this needs to be taken with a grain of salt, however there is always a chance that Microsoft could be looking into reviving the title after so many years of it being in development. While I wasn’t necessarily a huge Fable fan, I’m glad to hear that many of the employees will be finding work in other studios.

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