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Rumor: Fallout 76 Story Details Spilled By Self Proclaimed Insider

If true it sounds like Fallout 76 has something for everyone.

by C.J. Keller


The same person who leaked Fallout 76 has some more information to spill about Bethesda’s upcoming game.  While this information should be taken with a grain of salt, the leaker says that, among other things, Fallout 76 is “still an RPG” saying that they’re tired of reading things that aren’t true about the game.

On to the alleged story details, They say that the time frame being so close to The Great War that many people and factions are still around.  There are military, veterans, police officers, and doctors etc.

Now for some really specific details according to the source.  If these story details turn out to be true, this could tread into spoiler territory.  We’re just going to put this here word for word of what was posted on the forum.

“Main (personal story) is vault tec focused and an example of a major player in the story is an Irish ghoul who also acts as one of the games 5 companions, this guy is a great character who designed many of the vaults and who was married to Stanislaus Braun’s daughter, but whose work was stolen by Braun and twisted into the vault tec experiments of which the ghoul feels immense guilt for.  He calls vault 76 the only true example of what his work was intended for.

A major antagonist or ally (depending on choice) is a former US army captain who likens himself to Hannibal of Carthage and has giant radiated elephants in his army who he “saved” from a local zoo.  his men have no tacky Carthage outfits like Caesar legion wore romanesque skirts and football padding though.”

The leaker says that the main questline for Fallout 76 was written by Chris Avellone.

Finally they say that there is obviously a major emphasis on “rebuilding or settlement building, which a couple of players can partake in doing, or you can go solo and do it or you can just flat out ignore it.”

A lot of information from this leaker and they sure are being pretty specific about the characters and features of the game.  While these things do answer some questions and concerns that some have about the game, it’s too early to tell if this stuff is true.  Let’s mark it for hopeful because it would certainly be nice for Fallout 76 to appeal to players looking for online gameplay and those looking for a new solo Fallout experience.

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