Rumor: First Dark Souls 3 Screenshot & Info Leaked

by AOTF Staff

Dark Souls 3 leaks continue, hot on the heels of earlier rumor reports that Dark Souls 3 will be revealed at E3 2015, a screenshot along with a wide array of information has apparently leaked of the upcoming From Software title.

The new information comes from the guys at The Know, who previously spread the rumor that Microsoft was going to purchase Silent Hills. That of course was later debunked by Phil Spencer himself. So thats why we are marking this one as a rumor for now. Although, it is possible considering past rumors.

Now, according to The Know, fans can expect the title to release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with a possibility for a PC version at a later date. It has been discussed that this simply means that the PC version will come day and date with the console version being that the leaked paperwork is supposedly for retailers as the word next to PC is ‘negotiable’ referencing if they want to sell physical copies in the store. This comes as no surprise as many PC fans usually buy digitally now.

They also mention that the game will have 1-4 player online, which brings it on par with From Software’s previous work, Bloodborne which makes sense. They also listed the following information; 10 playable classes from the start, 45 new enemies, 15 new bosses, 100 new weapons, 40 new armor sets, 60 minutes of Cutscenes which are reportedly ‘mostly in-engine’ and finally, around 12 areas in the game to visit.

They also mentioned some very vague leaked information for Dark Souls 3 regarding gameplay mechanics. Players will be able to perform ‘Sacrifices’ on bodies and drag them around. Once you perform the sacrifice ritual or ceremony, you can then visit another players game. Doing so however puts a bounty on your head, but there are also benefits to the player doing sacrifices such as creating bonfires, and summoning NPC characters to help out.

Boss battles will now utilize something called a ‘heat up’ mechanic and will change boss fights based on undescribed factors. Based on this mechanic, in conjunction with ‘sacrifices’ bosses can change, an example used was how a boss who looks like a knight, changes to a large floating monster. Few speculate that this will be a lot like a revamped version of the light and dark tendencies from Demon’s Souls that changed elements of the game based on your actions.

Lastly, a new mechanic called ‘Sword Fighting Arts’ will be implemented and seems to hint at a special moves that players can have their characters learn to futher customize and make each player unique. Of course none of this is confirmed so we will have to take a large heap of salt and wait until E3 2015 which is thankfully only a few days away.

- This article was updated on July 30th, 2021