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Rumor: Microsoft Refused To Sell Fable IP, Leading To Lionhead Studios Closure

by Mike Guarino


It was pretty shocking news when everyone found out earlier this year that Microsoft was cancelling Fable Legends and shutting down developer Lionhead Studios, though a new rumor coming from multiple sources suggest Lionhead may have had a shot at survival.

Apparently, there were several other big publishers lined up to buy Lionhead Studios and keep them and the Fable series going, but Microsoft was simply unwilling to sell the Fable IP. Once Microsoft made that caveat known, the vast majority of the publishers walked away.

Some are speculating that Microsoft may not be entirely done with the Fable series, with the possibility of them handing it off to a new developer to see if they can breathe new life into it. Considering each Fable game seemed to be of a lower quality than the one that came before it, this could end up being a good idea.

However, it still sucks to know that Lionhead might have had a shot at living on if Microsoft would have given up the Fable IP. These are all just rumors now and need to be taken with a grain of salt, but considering these rumors are coming from solid sources it definitely seems like they’re legitimate at this point.

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