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Rumor: Sony Will Announce PS4 Neo and Slim Next Month Says WSJ

by Dean James


There has been a lot of talk surrounding the future of the PS4 throughout 2016, with the PS4 Neo all but certainly being announced at the upcoming PlayStation Meeting in early September. However, following images of a supposed PS4 Slim earlier today, a major source has confirmed that one is indeed coming.

Wall Street Journal is one of the most respected names out there and journalist Takashi Mochizuki specifically gave us some breaking news on NX in the past, so anything from him is typically spot on.

In a new article, Mochizuki has revealed that Sony plans on introducing not just the PS4 Neo during the PlayStation Meeting on September 7, but also a PS4 slim as well according to “people familiar with the matter.”

This follows the news earlier today that someone had a supposed PS4 slim model already and had it up on an auction website. That rumor stated the console would be out on September 14, but we have no idea if that could be a fake and not connected at all to a supposed legitimate slim model.

These sources also revealed that Sony has cut production of the original PS4 model in advance of these announcements, which gives more credence to another base model beyond the already confirmed Neo.

While this is from a reputable source like Wall Street Journal, we still must hold this with a grain of salt until it’s officially confirmed. It is probable that more leaks will come ahead of the event on September 7 if it is indeed true, but for now all we can do is wait.

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