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Rumor: Sony Working On A New PS4 Console That Can Output 4K Video Games

by Damian Seeto


Sony might be planning to upgrade the current PS4 console so that it can output a 4K resolution for video games. The current model is too weak to output 4K outside of pictures and videos.

This is according to sources that have spoken about the topic to Kotaku. They just note that this new PS4 is being dubbed the “PS4.5” and its main function is to increase graphical power and to run games in 4K.

Kotaku mentioned Sony has briefed some developers about it already but it’s unclear if existing PS4 owners are able to upgrade their consoles. This is a good idea for those that own 4K televisions as the maximum resolution for PS4 games is 1080p at the moment.

Sony neither confirmed or denied the rumor to Kotaku. A spokesperson said: “We can’t comment on rumors or speculation“. The sources tell Kotaku that only a small handful of people know about it and it’s possible it won’t be out this year.

There are also rumors/speculation that Microsoft plans to upgrade the Xbox One hardware as well in the near future. Upgrading existing hardware is nothing new to PC gamers, but it hasn’t really been done effectively before for consoles outside of the New 3DS and the Genesis 32X.

- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2018

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