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Rumor: Street Fighter 5 PC Beta Uncovers Unannounced Features

by Damian Seeto


Someone has encrypted the files for the PC version of the Street Fighter 5 beta and it looks like the game might support the Oculus Rift. Some other cool stuff was uncovered too.

This is according to a report from The file dump shows some evidence that the Oculus Rift might be compatible for the game at some point.

Whether or not this is true or not remains to be seen. After all, Street Fighter 5 is a side-on fighting game and fighting from a first-person perspective could be a tough task to ask for.

If Oculus Rift support is indeed possible, it will be interesting to see if the PlayStation VR headset will be supported too. The VR support might not be talked about until they are actually released sometime in 2016.

Something more normal is that Street Fighter 5 could have Android and iOS companion apps. Several things have companion apps these days so Capcom might be planning some other type of features for smartphone and tablet owners to do.

Some other evidence uncovered is that each character has access to 3 costumes at launch and the game has 18 characters. It’s suggested the other two characters might be unplayable bosses. The game will also be launching with 12 stages.

- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2018

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