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Rumor: Supposed Suicide Squad Game From WB Montreal Has Been Cancelled To Focus On New Batman Game

by Dean James


Rocksteady Studios brought us the fantastic Batman: Arkham trilogy, but in between the release of Arkham City and Arkham Knight came a prequel game in Batman: Arkham Origins from WB Montreal. Since that time, there have been many rumors about them working on a Suicide Squad game, but now it sounds like that game has been cancelled in lieu of another Batman game that has been rumored for awhile.

The Suicide Squad property has gotten really hot in recent years behind the popularity of characters like Harley Quinn, with them showing up on TV shows like Arrow, having an animated movie based on them, and most recently getting its own movie back in August that definitely had mixed reception.

As a result, you would think that a game based on Suicide Squad would be a home run with the different characters offering different playstyles. The game from WB Montreal has been supposedly in development for years, but now they have moved on.

According to Kotaku, they have sources that previously confirmed the game to exist and now are saying that the game has been cancelled after Warner Bros. decided to move on after it sounds like the game fell into essentially development hell.

With Suicide Squad being canned at WB Montreal, Kotaku says the studio will focus on a much rumored new Batman game focused around Damian Wayne. Kotaku also had heard that it would be announced earlier this month, either at The Game Awards or PSX, but combined with the studio being shaken up earlier this year and now this announcement, maybe they are looking to put more into the game with a larger development staff before unveiling it.

Hopefully the idea of a Suicide Squad game isn’t dead forever, as it definitely had some good potential. Batman: Arkham Origins definitely hinted at this game’s existence and it would be nice to eventually see some payoff there.

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