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Ryse: Son of Rome to include Xbox One microtransactions

by William Schwartz


Ryse: Son of Rome is going to have microtransactions with the intention to help players progress through the game faster in the multiplayer portion of the game.
The news of microtransactions in the game were told in a report from, where the producer of the game said “When we talk about the progression system for multiplayer, it’s armour-based,”.

“When we talk about the progression system for multiplayer, it’s armour-based,”

“The way that you get armour is very similar to how you get it in like Mass Effect or FIFA. You only earn gold while playing multiplayer and you use that gold to buy booster packs. Those booster packs contain random sets of loot. Based on the different tiers of loot that you get whether you buy bronze, silver or gold packs guarantees whether you get rare or common items.

The producer also added that players are able to also grind in the multiplayer for the extra gold, the option to pay some small amount of real money to get to a say Gold Pack is on offer there if the player so wishes to do it that way instead of grinding for the gold.

Ryse: Son of Rome is set to launch day one with the Xbox One this November.

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