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Update: Samoa Joe Working On WWE 2K16?

by Damian Seeto


Update: Samoa Joe was actually referring to a Games of Thrones video game. He is voicing a character.

Samoa Joe has teased he’s working on a video game project of some kind next week. Is he hinting of his WWE 2K16 appearance?

Samoa Joe recently tweeted the following interesting message:

Back in LA working on a new project next week. Gamers Stay tuned details as soon as the lawyers let me ;)

Rumors of Samoa Joe heading to WWE in some fashion intensified when he left TNA earlier this year. This was big news as he was in TNA for 10 long years.

There was some talk of Samoa Joe heading to NXT first before going to the main roster. Triple H is said to be a fan of his so it’s feasible we may see him wrestling soon.

It’s possible Samoa Joe is talking about WWE 2K16. Sting’s first involvement with the company was when he was announced as a pre-order incentive for WWE 2K15.

Although Samoa Joe could be working on something else other than WWE 2K16. We won’t know what he will be up to yet since his lawyers won’t let him talk about it. All we can do now is wait and guess.

If he is working on WWE 2K16, it could be just a small role such as doing mo-cap. However, it would be more exciting if he is to be an actual playable character.

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