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Save D4 Campaign Looks to Improve Sales and Continue the Story

| October 7, 2014

Save D4 Campaign Looks to Improve Sales and Continue the Story News  The Walking Dead D4

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die was an interesting game for many reasons. Coming from video game auteur Swery65, the game was gonna be unique no matter what. Then it got weirder when the game’s release date was announced for Friday, September 19th, on Thursday, September 18th. This sudden announcement left the game with 24 hours to enter the public’s mind as a good purchase. Apparently that failed as reports have been coming in that sales were not great, to put it lightly.

This is especially unfortunate because D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die is actually a pretty fun game with a lot of elements that make it stand out among today’s market. I did the review for the game and really, the only major flaw with it was how abruptly it ended without providing much closure. Since D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die is an episodic game this was somewhat expected, but with the news about poor sales it looks like that might remain the case permanently. If sales don’t pick up then it is very likely that Swery65 will not be able to complete the game, leaving fans hanging with a painful cliffhanger.

Thankfully many of those fans are fighting back. The Twitter campaign has formed under the #SaveD4 hashtag. The major proponents of the campaign seem to be pushing the idea that D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die is only $15 and that it is worth buying just to see if you’ll enjoy its unique style. I would definitely agree with this sentiment and hope that others can rally behind the campaign to push Microsoft into publishing the proposed sequel soon. Even the game’s creator has gotten behind the campaign, tweeting out messages like “Look for D. Seriously #SaveD4” and “Here is So helpful to buy D4. Please Check and play D4! “.

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  • doplerradar

    Perhaps the biggest problem with D4 is that it may be too weird. It is hard to market very strange games like this and it may seem too strange for people who know little about it to buy it.

  • Guest

    It was a silly move to get this type of game only on X1. X1 gamers aren’t known to buy these type of games… Looks like it’s mostly well marketed FPS that’s doing well on the console.

    • wastheman

      Sony is always the best place for games too go

      • gbg

        That’s why you’re on an xbox article right?

  • Lacerz

    D4 tends to lean more to the PlayStation crowd, IMO. Not to say that it doesn’t have its market on the Xbox, but PS owners are used to, and generally more receptive, to quirky games. I’ll probably get this some time after picking up my X1 on Black Friday.

    • GK15

      I have to agree with you here. I usually dont like Japanese styled games. They’re too weird for me. That’s a big reason why I prefer Xbox.

      I picked this game up to try it out, but it was really weird, lol. I plan on picking it up tho and giving it an honest try when I get caught up on my games.

      Currently playing Destiny, Diablo 3, Metro Redux, Morder and Forza H2. Also still haven’t beat Child of Light or Outlast and then I have D4. I had to postpone getting Alien Isolation b/c I honestly wouldn’t have had time to play it.

      Hoping to get caught up before the next wave hits in November.

  • What did they expect with a stealth release ? No marketing, no nothing, and one day, without any warning “oh by the way,the game’s out, guys”. Good job, Microsoft.

    • Adam

      This is sooooo true, I had no idea the game was out or even still excited until I came to this site.

    • GK15

      Yeah idk why they stealth released this one. Doesn’t make sense and I’m sure it hurt sales

  • wastheman


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