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Sea of Thieves Could be as Big as Halo or Gears of War says Phil Spencer

by Kyle Hanson


Xbox One has a lot of big games coming in 2017, some of which are brand new IP. With Gears of War 4 launching last year, and Halo 5 hitting the year before, the big guns that Microsoft usually relies on are spent for at least the next year or two. So what out of the new stuff is biggest and best, with the potential to wow the most amount of people? Well, according to Phil Spencer it’s Rare’s Sea of Thieves.

This came to light on Twitter where a fan asked Spencer “Out of all the games you have coming, is there that 1 game that the team believe has the potential to be as big as Halo or Gears?” You might have expected a response that hit in the action category, more of a first or third person shooter like Halo and Gears. Instead he went for something that seems like it could win over gamers by being the most unique.

“Sea of Thieves,” said Spencer, “as something completely new, has a real opportunity to surprise and delight a lot of people imo.” Coming from Rare, Sea of Thieves already had a decent amount of hype and excitement behind it, but few have pegged it as high as Spencer seems to be here. Of course, he’s just throwing out his opinion, and as someone who has likely played a fair amount of Sea of Thieves, he has the best information of almost anyone.

Sea of Thieves is definitely something new. With a focus on online co-op multiplayer, players man a pirate ship and set sail for adventure. What they find is very much an open topic, as Rare has shown off gameplay, but not given a full breakdown of the game experience. We played it, but it was mostly just a battle with another ship. Which was tons of fun, so we’re anxious to see what else it has in store.

Sea of Thieves hits Xbox One and PC later this year.

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