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Sea of Thieves Season One Begins This Week

The battle pass encourages all styles of play

by Joshua Garibay

Sea of Thieves Season One is nearly upon us, bringing with it a slew of new activities and items for both lowly and legendary pirates to enjoy. Announced in December 2020, Rare is implementing the seasons structure this Thursday, January 28th.

The first season, and all that follow, will span about three months and offer up 100 levels of Renown through which players can progress. Extra headway can be made by taking on trials that come in one of three flavors: Adventure, Exploration, and Combat. Completing these seasonal challenges results in a notable boost to Renown.

As for the contents of each level of Renown, you can expect to procure “gold, doubloons, and cosmetics.” Those that have achieved the status of Pirate Legend will find even more content tucked away along the high seas journey.

As you may have deduced, the Renown progression is Rare’s no-frills adaptation of a battle pass, a system synonymous with live service titles. No season would be complete without a battle pass, right? And with that growing industry standard comes an obligatory premium track. Here, that is called the Plunder Pass. For 999 Ancient Coins, the Plunder Pass can be purchased as an optional supplement for a given season, opening up exclusive rewards within the Pirate Emporium. Unless you have had great luck hunting Ancient Skeletons for their precious coins, you will need to shell out roughly $10 USD for the premium pass.

Moving forward, Sea of Thieves will shift away from major gameplay overhauls and instead focus on delivering monthly fixes, quality of life changes, and added Pirate Emporium content. We will see how the next three months evolve over the title’s inaugural season.

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