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Sending Medusa to Hades in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Ghost Arrows, the Queen of Snakes and Warrior Women islands.

by Rhys ap Gwyn


Ubisoft has been throwing out videos of their upcoming Assassin’s Creed Odyssey at a steady clip. The most recent focuses on one of the world’s heavies and favorite of the Gorgon sisters: Medusa.

The video kicks off with her turning a lovely civilian to stone with her Superman eye-laser petrifying ability before we’re informed that no, we can’t romance her. Bummer.

The video explains how Medusa exists as a high level foe, and not just something you stumble across during your normal meanderings. The journey to find her starts with an angry mob atop a hill trying desperately to push a woman off a cliff, convinced she sacrificed her lover to something called “The Writhing Dread”. Charming. You seem to quell the situation by… kicking people off cliffs. Democracy at its best. This leads you into the heart of a creepy petrified forest, filled to brim with statues and snakes, where you find a first civilization ruin. This apparently suggests that this “Writhing Dread” is something humanity’s precursors left behind. A pleasant gift for the future.

The ruin seems to act as a sort of puzzle requiring a key found on a nearby island filled with warrior women. There’s also a retired mercenary who claims to have killed Medusa before.

This multi-level approach to puzzles which lead to dungeons which lead to mythical boss fights is a really cool idea, however, each challenge seemed (at least in this video) to only be solved through fighting. This is a little disappointing given the birthplace of democracy but I’m aware that this is only one example and there is certainly much more to the game than shown here.

Medusa seems able to teleport about her lair, send stone foot soldiers after you, launch energy blasts to end you from the heavens, turn you to stone with her gaze and, of course, straight up stab you to death. It looks suitably gripping, epic and hopefully, fun. The narrator states that this was done at level 50, which suggests a pretty hefty campaign and that level brings with it more advanced weapons. In this case we get to see ‘ghost arrows’, which can be fired through solid objects, which is awesome.

We’re getting a pretty clear picture of how Odyssey is coming together and I’m pretty sure there’ll be more videos before October, when the game releases.

- This article was updated on:August 28th, 2018

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