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PS4 SharePlay Disabled From Silent Hills’ P.T Demo

by Damian Seeto


It looks like Konami is trying really hard to erase Silent Hills’ P.T demo from history. Reports are coming you cannot even use the PS4’s SharePlay on it.

The Games Cabin reports that the PS4’s SharePlay feature is disabled when you play the Silent Hills’ P.T demo. This means you cannot even share the demo with a PSN friend online.

SharePlay is a neat feature on PS4 that allows gamers to share games with their friends online. However, publishers can block the feature entirely. It appears Konami did just that with the Silent Hills P.T demo. It’s worth mentioning SharePlay was available for the demo before all the fiasco started.

The Silent Hills P.T demo was readily available just a few weeks ago. Lot of PS4 owners downloaded it and loved it. Things started to go crazy when Konami announced it has cancelled Silent Hills. This is when everything turned ugly.

After the cancellation of Silent Hills, the P.T demo was removed completely from the PSN. Not only that, but people are now unable to re-download the demo if it was deleted from their hard drive. The only way to play the demo now is to keep it on your hard drive forever.

Konami is erasing any trace of Silent Hills and P.T. Someone may as well create their own version of the game and call it “Mute Mountain”…

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