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Sim City Offline Mode is possible

by William Schwartz


The launch of Sim City was anything but smooth.  The latest release from Maxis saw a wide ranging mixture of connection issues that are still being sorted out.  After understandable outcry from players wondering why their product is broken, EA issued a state of the union on Sim City.  In this prepared statement from EA,  the company claimed the “worst is behind us” for Sim City connection issues.   They also indicated that a single player mode would not be coming to Sim City 5, and the reasons given were because it would take “significant engineering” on Maxis’ part.

Today, an anonymous report from Rock Paper Shotgun says that this isn’t even close to the truth.  The website claims to have spoken with an engineer who worked on the game, and the anonymous tipster says that the claims from Lucy Bradshaw are false; Sim City would not take much to get working in a single player, offline-only capacity.

‘It wouldn’t take very much engineering for a limited offline mode’

The anonymous engineer claims that the simulation data that is running Sim City isn’t running on servers to the extent that Bradshaw indicated.  There are certainly communications with Maxis servers for online region functionality, but not to the point that an offline mode isn’t doable.

“It wouldn’t take very much engineering to give you a limited single-player game without all the nifty region stuff,” said the source.  The Sim City saga continues with that statement, as it goes against what Bradshaw and Maxis had to say in their public address.

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