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Sim City update improves traffic conditions

by William Schwartz


Now that Maxis has a handle on the server issues for SimCity, they’ve begun to focus their efforts on gameplay fixes for the recently released game.  One of the big issues that SimCity players have been having with the game is with path finding for traffic and emergency response vehicles.  In SimCity update 1.7, these things have been improved.

The recent update includes tweaks to the traffic system which fixes the issues that players were having with traffic jams at intersections.  Emergency vehicles won’t just sit in the congested lanes, they’ll now take any empty lane to get to a fire or event.  These emergency vehicles will also take priority over regular traffic when exiting a garage.

Other fixes and improvements in the patch are an additional server in Asia, and improvements made to the game for low-spec systems.

Players who already jumped into SimCity ahead of the launch problems are being compensated for their troubles by EA.  The publisher recently announced it would be giving away a free game for those that were affected by the SimCity launch issues.  To find out if you qualify, go here.

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