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Six New 360 Titles Join Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Today

by Kyle Hanson


The Xbox One Backwards Compatibility list grows by six games today with Microsoft unleashing a new set of Xbox 360 games to be played on the Xbox One. Undertow, Super Contra, Slender: the Arrival, Saints Row: The third, and Monopoly Deal are all now supported on the popular service, with a sixth game being available exclusively in Japan.

Virtual-On also joined the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility list today, though only for Japanese players. The Xbox series of consoles has always struggled in Japan, especially when compared to rivals Sony and Nintendo. It’s interesting to see a game get exclusive support there, though the cause is unknown. Most likely there’s a rights issue that needs to be sorted out. If Microsoft feels that the effort will be worth it, we could see this get a global release for Backwards Compatibility some time later.

Xbox One gamers have loved this feature ever since it debuted over a year ago, though there’s been some debate about how much they actually use it. According to Microsoft it’s quite a lot, though official figures have never been released. The company has put a lot of time, effort, and money into making these games backwards compatible for the console, so presumably they’re seeing enough interest to warrant that.

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