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Sleeping Dogs IS profitable

by William Schwartz


Square Enix’s 2012 open-world game set in Hong Kong has become profitable, according to Head of Product Development Darrell Gallagher speaking in his latest blog post over on Gamasutra.

Gallagher states that the game, developed by United Front Games sees a healthy 500,000 players a month, one year after its release. It was a “critical milestone” that the game had become profitable, Gallagher believes. At the end of 2012, Square Enix revealed it had shipped 1.5 million copies of the game in only four months.

Sleeping Dogs, previously known as True Crime: Hong Kong, started out life as an Activision game, but when the gaming giant called time on the project, Square Enix stepped in and bought the rights to it. One year later, Sleeping Dogs was released to the masses.

Alongside Sleeping Dogs, Gallagher also stated that over three-year old Just Cause 2 still has 500,000 “unique and active” players. Gallagher also believes that Square Enix walked away from these games  “too early” adding that Square Enix will invest more resources into their upcoming games.

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