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SMITE 3.8 PC Patch Brings Susano, Big Conquest Changes

by Scott Grill


The 3.8 patch hit SMITE for the PC Tuesday that expands the Japanese pantheon of gods yet again. More significantly, Hi-Rez Studios has made major changes to the Conquest map.

Susano is the latest character added to SMITE and serves in the Assassin role. Based on the Japanese god of the Summer storm, he commands the weather to do damage to his enemies while also wielding a giant sword. His ultimate ability is called Typhoon, which summons a hurricane and pulls enemies towards it center. It can also knock enemies into the air on a second activation.

His other abilities also revolved around wind style damage with special secondary ability. For example, the Storm Kata give him three special attacks in quick succession while Wind Siphon does damage to enemies in a cone shaped area. Those in the middle of the cone are then pulled to Susano.

Susano’s passive ability is what will help make the god tough to deal with in the jungle. He gains a 4 percent movement speed bonus for each ability that is on cooldown.

The Conquest map changes will have the biggest impact to SMITE in the 3.8 patch. Hi-Rez Studio is responding to feedback from players following alterations made for Season Three of the third-person MOBA.

  • Added Speed Camp back to the Jungle.
  • This buff has been placed at the current Mana Camp Location.
  • Removed short lane Boar Camp.
  • Moved Mana Camp to the short lane Boar Camp location.
  • Increased Boar XP from 83 to 105
  • Increased Boar Gold from 29 to 50
  • Fire Elementals give 45 XP and 30 Gold each and are now a single camp.
  • Moved the Back Harpy camp back to it’s original Season 2 location.
  • Back Harpy respawn timer adjusted from 110 seconds to 80 seconds.
  • Boar respawn timer adjusted from 110 seconds to 180 seconds.

Other notable changes include a new passive to the Bloodforge item that gives a significant buff. Killing an enemy god with the item equipped will grant a shield with health equal to 200 plus 10 per play level for 20 seconds. Additionally, players gain a 20 percent movement speed buff while the shield is active.

Wind Demon also received a new passive. The item now gives a 20 percent bonus attack and movement speed for 5 seconds when you land a critical hit.

Seven new god skins are packed into the 3.8 patch. You can check out the official patch notes for the complete changes to SMITE with the latest update. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players should see the patch hit their console in a week or two.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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