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SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Launches Today

Another batch of arcade classics comes to the Nintendo Switch.

by Jacob Bukacek

In its heyday, SNK was one of the great kings of the arcade. As arcade games often are, these were mostly just simple shooters and beat ’em ups, but they all carried a charm that made them both difficult to resist and whole lot of fun to play. The original SNK company wouldn’t make it very far past the 90’s unfortunately, but their games still live on. In celebration of the arcade giant, the current SNK and NIS America have released the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection for the Nintendo Switch.

This collection of SNK arcade classics includes over twenty games at the moment, with another eleven coming as free DLC starting on December 11. Each game in this compilation is offered in both the classic arcade and home console flavors, and all adhere to the new “rewind” feature. As the name suggests, players can simply scrub back through the last few second of gameplay in order to avoid taking damage and having to start over. The collection also sports a robust gallery filled with art, manuals, and original advertising material for fans to enjoy. This pretty much looks like everything a fan of classic SNK could want. Hopefully it plays as well as it looks.

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is now available on Nintendo Switch; check out the full list of announced games below.

  1. Alpha Mission (Console & Arcade)
  2. Athena (Console & Arcade)
  3. Beast Busters (Arcade Only)
  4. Bermuda Triangle (Arcade Only)
  5. Chopper (Arcade Only)
  6. Crystalis (Console Only)
  7. Fantasy (Arcade Only)
  8. Guerrilla (Console & Arcade)
  9. Ikari Warriors (Console & Arcade)
  10. Ikari III (Console & Arcade)
  11. Munch Mobile (Arcade Only)
  12. Paddle Mania (Arcade Only)
  13. P.O.W. (Console & Arcade)
  14. Prehistoric Isle (Arcade Only)
  15. Psycho Soldier (Arcade Only)
  16. SAR: Search and Rescue (Arcade Only)
  17. Sasuke Vs. Commander (Arcade Only)
  18. Street Smart (Arcade Only)
  19. Time Soldiers (Arcade Only)
  20. TNK III (Console & Arcade)
  21. Vanguard (Arcade Only)
  22. Victory Road (Console & Arcade)
  23. World Wars (Arcade Only)
  24. ZMA Wars (Arcade Only)


- This article was updated on:November 14th, 2018

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